ID: 90

City: Lakewood

State: Colorado

Aarcher, Inc. is seeking an editor to join our team. This position would be part-time (averaging approximately 24 hours/week) and can be either as an Aarcher employee or as an independent contractor. The successful candidate would serve as a government contractor with the National Park Service and assigned to the Denver Service Center, Planning Division, Publications Group, in Lakewood, Colorado. This position requires the editor to be on-site, keep a regular schedule during business hours, and pass a background investigation to obtain a security clearance.

Duties include mechanical editing, substantive editing, formatting, section 508 compliance/accessibility, incorporating mechanical corrections and substantive revisions from reviews, indexing, and proofreading.

Desired Skills and Experience

· Possess significant experience editing and formatting documents, especially technical government documents.

· Have experience working as part of a team.

· Have a degree in English, writing, or a science relevant to the National Park Service. Substantial relevant experience may substitute for relevant degree.

· Possess thorough knowledge of English usage, including grammar, diction, style, organization, and idea development; thorough knowledge of writing and editing principles, methods, and practices; ability to write original material and to synthesize, organize, rewrite, refine, format, and edit rough-draft material while maintaining the integrity of ideas.

· Possess advanced knowledge of personal computers and a thorough understanding of formatting large technical documents with Microsoft Word.

· Have thorough understanding of best practices, appropriate labor hours, and level of effort necessary to edit documents and ability to realistically estimate writing and editing workloads.

· Be proficient in communicating, orally and in writing, to work as a member of a planning team, and be able to help team members gain consensus for wording of specific and sensitive topics, explanations, or descriptions.

· Have a functional knowledge or the ability to gain a functioning knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act, National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106), and National Park Service (NPS) guidelines and management policies, including pertinent directors orders relating to NEPA and historic preservation compliance, the NPS messaging program, and the 2014 Denver Service Center (DSC) Editorial Style Guide.

· Possess knowledge of team building skills and techniques such as problem solving, interpersonal communication, and maintaining a liaison with the project manager.

· Ability to learn the 2014 DSC Editing Style Guide and be familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style.

· Have a functional knowledge, or the ability to gain a functioning, of Section 508 compliance/accessibility concepts, principles, and best practices.