EHS Recruitment Planning: 6 Strategies

Even if you’re not currently hiring during the pandemic, now is the time plan for EHS recruitment in the future. Positions that were eliminated as a result of the health crisis will need to be filled again. Hiring may look quite a bit different than it did prior to the pandemic, so preparing now will help you navigate the new recruiting landscape.

Begin implementing these strategies to prepare for future hiring:

1. Ensure your remote technology is functioning well. Having the capabilities to interview potential candidates over a video communication platform, like Skype or Zoom, is crucial. Not only does it make the hiring process faster and more efficient, job candidates will expect it after working remotely for several months and communicating with their teams virtually. Companies should be sure that training and performance management can be conducted virtually as well.

2. Continue to seek out and communicate with well-qualified candidates. Even if you aren’t actively hiring at the moment, you still need to be looking for those talented candidates who would be a good fit for your company when you are ready to hire again. Organizations that wait to do so until they are ready to hire risk losing valuable time and potential candidates.

3. Consider offering a more comprehensive benefits package. The pandemic has led to many people being more conscious of the benefits their company provides. Your organization should consider offering a more comprehensive benefits package that includes greater health coverage, more flexible sick leave rules, and other benefits related to health and wellness.

4. Allow your employees to work remotely if it’s possible. Approving remote work for at least a few days a week will help keep your company running smoothly when everyone can’t be working in the facility at the same time. Moving toward developing a remote workplace culture will help you be ready to better manage more remote workers when you begin hiring again.

5. Consider hiring interim or temporary employees. When the economy starts running again and you need to get your recruitment moving forward quickly, you might have several roles to fill immediately. Instead of trying to fill them all with full-time workers, which typically requires a more in-depth hiring process, consider hiring temporary staff. Some of these hires could even convert to full time if they work out well.

6. Work with a recruiting team. Working with a recruiting firm can help you hire quality candidates when your company is ready to expand its team. Each organization’s EHS challenges and risks are unique, and finding candidates who are prepared to succeed in these critical roles involves much more than searching resumes for key words or relying on generalized experience descriptions. That’s where a recruiting team like Aarcher Talent can come in. We specialize in hiring EHS professionals, and we can help you narrow down applicants and match you with the most qualified candidates for your open positions.

Whether you’re looking to fill a permanent position or add specific skill sets for temporary projects, Aarcher Talent offers a series of staffing solutions, including permanent placement, temp-to-hire, and contracted staff services. We’re happy to chat with you about our services and how we can help you find the right candidates.

One of the most important things you can do for your EHS hiring strategy is to start preparing now. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to recruit new employees, implementing these strategies will help you be ready when you are.

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