Hiring Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: 5 Strategies

Organizations are beginning to return to the workplace after telecommuting for the past few months due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Even if your company is continuing to work remotely for the foreseeable future, hiring new EHS employees may seem more challenging than it was prior to the pandemic. Use these strategies to help you hire strong EHS candidates amid the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Make sure people know your company is hiring. Many candidates who were searching for new jobs before the pandemic assume that most organizations aren’t hiring during this time. Be sure to make it known that your business is actively seeking new team members by listing all available jobs on your website and social media.

2. Develop a strong recruiting and onboarding process. Establishing solid recruiting and onboarding procedures is now more crucial than ever. With everything else going on in your organization as your employees return to the workplace, having hiring procedures in place will help you carry out the candidate screening, interviewing, and offer process more effectively. Work with your team of hiring managers to develop the processes and make sure each manager is on the same page when it comes to implementing the procedures.

3. Leverage your network of passive candidates. Don’t forget about candidates who have previously submitted resumes to your organization or other qualified contacts you have on LinkedIn or other networking channels who may have lost their jobs during this time. Consider reaching out to those who you think would be a good fit for your open positions.

4. Communicate the job offer clearly and realistically. During this uncertain time, you don’t want to make any promises that you can’t keep. If the work is remote now and will shift to the work inside your facility later in the year, make sure to articulate this. It’s important to communicate your expectations now and how they will change as the pandemic ends.

5. Consider working with a recruiting firm. With all of the other responsibilities you have on your hands as your employees return to the workplace, hiring new staff can seem daunting. Working with a recruiting team that specializes in hiring EHS professionals can help you narrow down candidates and match you with the most qualified for your open positions.

Whether you’re looking to fill a permanent position or add specific skill sets for temporary projects, Aarcher Talent offers a series of staffing solutions, including permanent placement, temp-to-hire, and contracted staff services. We’re happy to chat with you about our services and how we can help you find the right candidate.

As your staff transitions back to the workplace, it’s likely that you will have to make some changes to your hiring process to accommodate for this uncertain time. Use these strategies to help you get your hiring process organized and hire the best EHS candidates for your organization amid the global pandemic.


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