5 Steps for a Smoother EHS Hiring Process

Hiring EHS employees can be a difficult and time-consuming process. You want to make sure you’re securing the best candidate for the job, but you also need to fill the open position as soon as possible. Follow these steps to make the hiring process more productive and effective:

1. Establish a consistent hiring process. When you create clear procedures for hiring, it keeps the process organized and sets up your company to recruit top talent. Determine each step that you need to include in your hiring process. Decide factors like whether you’ll select a group of candidates to contact for initial screening phone calls, how many in-person interviews you’ll conduct with each candidate, and if candidates will meet with other team members. Maintaining a consistent hiring process for each job you’re filling will help you streamline the responsibility and attract well-qualified candidates with organized hiring procedures.

2. Screen resumes efficiently. You likely receive several resumes for each job you’re filling. It can be tedious to read through each one to decide who you should contact for interviews. Look for qualifications, especially measurable achievements, and the top skills needed for the role you’re filling. Consider viewing candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to ensure they match up with their resumes. Additionally, be on the lookout for red flags in resumes, such as large gaps in employment and inconsistencies with LinkedIn profiles.

One way to make the resume screening process easier is to sort the resumes into three piles: the best resumes in one pile, the ones for candidates who aren’t the right fit in another, and the resumes you could consider if the best ones don’t work out in the third pile.

3. Ask the right interview questions. Don’t just ask candidates a list of questions you find on Google. Focus on questions related to the skills and experience needed for the job. Make sure you have each candidate’s resume in front of you during the interview, so you can inquire about the strengths and experience they have listed in their resume.

4. Make a quick offer. Once you’ve decided on the individual you would like to hire for the job, don’t hold off on making the offer. Talented candidates may have other offers, so you risk losing them to another company if you wait.

5. Consider working with a recruiting firm. An EHS recruiting team can help make the hiring process a lot smoother for your organization. They are well versed in the industry and job market, and know where to find the most talented candidates. A recruiting firm can help you refine your hiring strategy, save significant time and money, and hire the best candidates for the job. Aarcher Talent offers a series of staffing solutions, including permanent placement, temp-to-hire, and contracted staff services to help you find the right candidates for your open positions.

Having streamlined hiring procedures will help you ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the entire process. Implement these steps to create an effective hiring plan to recruit talented EHS staff.


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