5 Tips for Writing Strong Job Ads That Attract the Best EHS Candidates

Writing strong job ads is a crucial part of finding the best EHS candidates for your open job positions and organization. It’s your opportunity to connect with potential employees. When your job ads are well written, you’re able to provide a good first impression of your company. Clear job ads also encourage qualified candidates to apply and help you reduce the amount of time it takes to fill the role. Implement these tips to ensure you’re writing effective job ads for your open EHS positions:

1. Write clear and concise job titles.

Make sure the title you put in the job ad correctly portrays the role you’re looking for. Some companies will use non-traditional titles, such as EHS Rockstar. However, these are typically confusing and unclear to candidates. You want to avoid attracting the wrong job applicants and missing out on people who would be a great fit for the role.

2. Clearly describe the job responsibilities.

Break up the responsibilities of the job into bullet points that help candidates see what a typical day working for your company would look like. Don’t simply write something like: Manage the EHS department. Instead, describe each of the main tasks involved in that responsibility. Keep the tasks clear and succinct to make sure candidates can determine whether they are well qualified for the role before applying.

3. State the job requirements in a positive tone.

List the requirements, like specific certifications and degrees, as well as any strengths critical to the job role. Avoid including an enormous list of requirements unless the job is extremely specialized. Remember that many skills, such as training in different programs and software, can be learned on the job once you’ve hired an employee. That’s why finding candidates with positive attitudes who are motivated to learn is extremely important.

4. Explain the benefits of working for your company.

The most talented candidates are likely working for another organization right now, so your job ads need to include how getting hired by your company will benefit them. Make sure your ads state benefits, like health insurance and a 401(k), that you provide employees. Additionally, describe any perks, such as a flexible schedule, telecommuting opportunities, or free lunches, that you offer.

5. Give candidates a glimpse of your company culture.

Your job ad is a good opportunity to show potential employees your positive company culture. Consider mentioning team activities you’re involved in, including a photo of your department at a team event, or using a testimonial from a current employee in your job ad.

If you want to attract the best EHS applicants for your open positions, it’s essential that your job ads are clear, concise, and give candidates a look into what it’s like working for your company. Follow these tips as you go through the process of writing ads to ensure they’re structured to effectively capture the attention of people who are well qualified.


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