4 Recruiting Strategies to Leverage in 2020

The unemployment rate is at the lowest it’s ever been at 3.5 percent. There are more jobs than skilled employees to fill them. With a low employment rate comes unique challenges for recruiting. It means employers will be competing for qualified EHS staff and will need to be more innovative to secure top talent. Here are some recruiting strategies to take advantage of in 2020 to help you do that:

1. Flexible Recruiting

Consider offering some degree of job flexibility as a benefit, such as allowing employees to spend time working remotely or choosing their work hours within reason. This will give your organization a competitive advantage over companies that don’t offer flexibility. In a 2019 survey conducted by the International Workplace Group, 80 percent of participants said they would choose a job offer that included flexibility over one that didn’t.

2. Collaborative Hiring

Increasing your connections through networking and current employee contacts is a great way to find top candidates for your company. Consider setting up an employee referral program that gives incentives to staff members who recruit individuals who would be a great asset to your organization.

3. Video Interviewing

Video is becoming an increasingly popular mechanism for interviewing candidates. It’s a great way to meet candidates who aren’t local face to face, provide more information to them about the job opportunity, and learn more about their skills. The use of video even allows hiring managers to record the interview to get feedback on the candidate from other team members who watch the recording.

4. Automated Hiring

With the rapid advancement of technology, we’re likely to see some of the hiring process facilitated through automation. Technology can help recruiters and hiring managers avoid the tedious process of looking through stacks of resumes and find the best candidates to bring in for interviews.

Employers who embrace innovation and technology will have an advantage when it comes to recruiting EHS professionals in 2020. If you’re looking for help to fill a vacant job position in your company, consider hiring a staffing team to serve as a recruitment partner that will understand your business goals and your industry. They will help you save time and money, and enable you to find a high-quality candidate who is the perfect fit for your organization.

Aarcher Talent offers a series of staffing solutions, including permanent placement, temp–to–hire, and contracted staff services. We’re happy to chat with you about our services and how we can help you find the right candidate.

Adapted from: Recruiting Trends in 2020: 6 tactics you’ll want to sharpen up on, Angela Harder, HRMorning.